naked philosophy

Hello, and welcome to The Naked Table. 

You may wonder why this site has such a name – and here’s why. It celebrates my love for the small, mundane, imperfect yet powerful things that surround me.

There’s something fascinating in bareness and simplicity – things reveal their own essence to the eyes of whom is able to see through the lines.

All images, recipes, stories gathered around The Naked Table are an ode to simplicity, the mundane, a mindful way to approach and celebrate the flaws of the world outside, and live life with mujo, or the Japanese sense of what comes and fades.

If something is naked, then it shows itself as is. Embracing everything that comes with our own self as if we were free from any social scheme, everything that makes up you and me as imperfect yet powerful human beings is the core of the philosophy that drives this space and my whole approach to both life and work.

Gathered around a table, humans do share. They share experiences, stories, memories, moments; they create bounds and treasure them over time.

So here’s what: The Naked Table is a space meant to share, grow, learn, but most importantly it is a space where just being, and i truly wish you will feel free to do so as well.

Eether via articles and practical tips, or images and video tales I aim to shape a slow, meaningful and heartfelt content that can hopefully resonate with you – yes, you! That beautiful human being that’s gifting me some of his/her time, reading these lines right now.

As you may have noticed, there’s a strong presence of food-related content: in fact, it happens to be the perfect vehicle for visual purposes and, of course, it naturally is the main thing that shared moments around a table revolve on.

The recipes that you’ll find here are the visual diary of my journey as a curious cook, as I like to consider myself. I enjoy exploring the world of plant-based cooking, so you’ll find lots of vegan and vegetarian dishes that lean towards privileging wholesome and seasonal ingredients, with minimal processing to them, in the spirit of simplicity that guides me.

I’m grateful to have you here. Hope you’ll feel at home here, around the Naked Table!

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