super easy pomegranate + cucumber soda cooler

super easy pomegranate + cucumber soda cooler

{ video recipe at the end of the post }

Are you a soda folk?

I thought I wasn’t one for the longest time. Carbonated drinks don’t do well to my stomach, not to mention all the sugar and additives they chuck into a single bottle. This was until I discovered the right kind of soda. Meaning a brand that does not rely on sugar or other fun stuff to make the soda taste good, or sells neon colored bottles. Speaking of neon colored pre-made foods, I thin I rambled about that fairly enough in this post.

pomegranate soda cooler ingredients

The main reason why I shy away from soda most of the times is just sugar, besides its side effects on my body. Actually, soda itself is just sugar. But this is not always the case.

A few nights back I was having a casual night out with the boyfriend at our local pub, and my eyes were caught by an array of colorful yet muted little bottles. They were fruit juices from a local brand that focuses on quality ingredients and the fruit itself actual flavor. Amongst the six of them, the lighter colored one was the most interesting to me. Lemonade. Top quality lemonade, made with gorgeous Femminello lemons from Sicily.

I ordered that small, 200ml bottle, together with sparkling water to make my own fizzy lemonade (yes we are such weirdos, but the guys at the pub do know us). And boom! It stroke me.

pomegranate soda into glasses

The lemonade wasn’t overly sweet at all. Quite the opposite, actually, with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. It was a million times better than the sugary, storebought stuff. The boyfriend loved it as well.

Long story short, that impromptu lemonade got my mind spinning around summer fizzy drinks. Truth be told, this is one weird summer. I keep reading my fellow nordic bloggers/instagrammers complaints about the hot weather, while we’re having a relatively cooler summer. Having rainy days on rotation fighting off the heat is no usual business here. Where can I sign for this kind of weather all summer long?

When we shot this recipe the weather was just perfect. Photographically speaking I mean. Nicely overcast and warm, but not too hot. And that means a free, ginormous diffuser – aka the clouds.

Aside from the weather talk, I decided I’m going to try and be a good blogger. This means I must be in tune with the season and share relevant content when people might actually be interested in that… which is proving to be fairly difficult at the moment, because #officelifesucks.

garnishing pomegranate soda drinks

I’m piling ideas over projects, and I swear you, I’ll be back on this space as soon as I’ll be on my summer leave. There will be plenty of ice cream (I just purchased a mini popsicle mould!), picnic friendly recipes, and alllll the cakes!

For now, there’s a video for a refreshing and easy cooler I shot with my sister as a hand model. Gotta take advantage of her leave as well lol

slicing cucumber for soda drinks

We used a pomegranate soda from this brand. To that, we added thinly sliced cucumber, for freshness. Real, homegrown cucumber that my auntie gifted us. Since we’re keeping the skin on, organic would be the best choice. Big up for extra veggies! I’m not a fan of alcoholic drinks, but if I can get a booze free one, I’d always eat the garnishes lol

soda cooler garnishes

The last touch to this soda cooler is lemon zest, for some extra oomph. The drink would be awesome on the rocks, but if you d0n’t have any ice on hand, just make sure to pop the soda into the freezer for a while.

Honestly, how cool does the cucumber strip look? And from a photographic point of view, the green color complements the red hue of the drink just perfectly. It’s color theory folks! A food photographer’s best friend, I tell you.

closeup of pomegranate soda cooler

Hope you’ll enjoy the video 🙂

I’d love to connect over on instagram, or pinterestbloglovin’food52, and YouTube. Let’s be friends!

Until the next time,

xx chiara

cucumber slices for the soda cooler

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pomegranate cucumber soda cooler
pomegranate + cucumber soda cooler
prep time
10 mins

Summer screams for garden parties, and what better way to celebrate than with a fresh soda cooler with pomegranate and cucumber? Cheers!

course: drinks
Keyword: pomegranate, soda, summer drinks, vegan
servings: 6 200ml glasses
ingredient list
  • 330 ml pomegranate soda
  • 250 ml cold water
  • 1/2 cucumber, organic
  • 1 lemon, organic
Prepare the garnishes.
  1. Wash and thinly slice the cucumber. You want about 8 long, paper thin ribbons to decorate the glasses.

    Zest 1/2 a lemon into thick pieces, making sure not to cut the white and bitter flesh.

    Slice the other half into half moons.

Assemble the drink.
  1. Garnish each glass with a cucumber ribbon, applying a gentle pressure to make it stick to the glass walls.

    Fill half a glass with pomegranate soda and top with ice cold water.

    Pop in the lemon zest and slices and enjoy!

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  1. This sounds like such a refreshing drink and OMG your photography! It’s just like a dream 🙂 If you like soda, a soda streamer could be something you try out! It carbonates flat drinks like water, milk, or wine even. Can’t guarantee all of those liquids are good carbonated though lol

    1. Thank you Rebecca for your comment and the lovely words! ♥︎
      I find myself reaching for ice cold, carbonated drinks when the summer heat starts to feel unbearable, but other than that I’m not the biggest fan of the stuff.
      Your tip sounds interesting tho, and I think I know someone who might borrow me the machine to try. My mind is already spinning! We’ll see how it goes x

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