turmeric + honey immune boosting winter drink

turmeric + honey immune boosting winter drink

hello my friends! it’s nice to be here again,¬† i’m bringing you something to drink this time!

don’t know about where you live, but after a few beautiful, spring-like days, winter seems to be back again here in northern italy – pouring rain, freezing wind and all. not so nice when you have a golden retriever to walk in the (sodden) countryside. don’t get me wrong tho, i love her and i’m over the moon when i have the chance to let her run and do her doggy things freely, but you know, there’s this annoying downside that is dealing with a medium-long haired drenched dog.

golden retriever puppy

i wish she looked this way right after the walk, but of course she didn’t. anyways, meet molly the golden retriever with one of her walk treasures (aka the stick – she almost always takes one home)!

back to this post’s subject now, i thought it’d be nice to share the recipe for something that was bright and vibrant, to combat the winter blues. also spring, you should really put more effort to knock your forerunner in. we’re waiting for you!

during colder months I love to sip on some kind of warm drink, may it be tea, herbal tea, a latte… but i rarely brew my own drinks from whole ingredients. #teamsachet¬†

this infusion has two purposes: one, it is bright yellow, and i love a bright pop when everything around has been grey and drenched for quite some time; and two, it will help you to fight any nasty cold off. i actually brewed this the first time when my sister was down with a very bad flu, i had been designed to look after her and my graduation day was like two days later. i basically opened the fridge and threw every single ingredient readily available that had immune boosting properties in a pot of water, steeped it and gobbled the whole thing down while revising for my speech.

usually i’m not that anxious about the chance to catch a cold from someone else, but you know, philosophize about social media and photography’s coercitive behaviour, void and nothingness, all dressed up with a touch of japanese nihilism with fever, nausea and shivers was a no-no thanks.

filling drink glasses

turmeric drink topdown

i expected the drink to taste terrible, but then i realised that honey does have anti-bacterial and balsamic properties and (surprise surprise) tastes sweet! bonus point, the jar that was currently sitting in my pantry was eucalyptus honey, a true powerhouse and the perfect ally for my fight, so i stirred a generous spoonful in my brewed and cooled drink. thanks dad, your morning golden deliciousness has been put to good use.

however, if you do follow a strict vegan diet you don’t want to add honey to your drink; i’d suggest you to add your favorite liquid sweetener instead, but you’ll lose some of the benefits of this drink – although the rest of the ingredients alone do have more than enough!

turmeric ginger mint flatlay

there are a good sized knob of fresh ginger, thinly sliced, a bunch of mint leaves, turmeric powder, black pepper to aid curcumin’s action, and lemon juice and zest involved in this drink. of course a pint of boiling filtered water, and a spoonful of said eucalyptus honey if you eat it.

honey drizzle

you just want to bring the filtered water to a boil and in the meantime prep the rest of the ingredients and place them in a heat-proof jug: peel and slice ginger, wash mint, zest an organic lemon, dump everything plus a crack of black pepper and half a spoonful of turmeric powder. carefully pour over the water and let everything steep until the tonic is room temperature, stirring occasionally.

add in the juice of a lemon and some honey, mix well to combine and enjoy either as is or reheat it until warm – don’t boil it, or you could lose all the benefits extracted from the plants.

stay warm and healthy my friends!

until the next time,

x chiara

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turmeric + honey immune boosting winter drink
prep time
10 mins
cook time
5 mins
steeping time
20 mins
total time
15 mins

an immune boosting drink made with fresh ginger, mint, turmeric, black pepper, and honey - the perfect way to pump up your immune system and take care of your throat and tummy as well!

course: drink
servings: 4
ingredient list
  • good sized piece fresh ginger
  • 1 spoonful ground turmeric powder
  • a pinch freshly cracked black pepper
  • 1 spoonful eucalyptus honey
  • 1 bunch fresh mint
  • 1 organic whole lemon, juice + zest
  • 500 ml spring water
  1. add water to a pot and bring to a simmer. make sure it doesn't boil.

  2. peel a knob of fresh ginger. I used a paring knife, but scraping the peel off with a spoon would work too. 

    slice it fairly thin and place in a heat safe container.

  3. remove the stalks from your mint bunch. add the washed leaves and the lemon zest to the same heatproof container as well.

  4. squeeze lemon in a small pot, add turmeric powder and black pepper and mix to make a paste.

  5. pour hot water onto the sliced ginger and mint leaves. dissolve the turmeric-lemon paste and let steep until the mixture reaches room temperature, about 15-20 minutes. sweeten with honey and enjoy! 


this drink/tonic is delicious both warm (reheated) and cold. store in the fridge if you have any leftover. 

the drink is best consumed within the same day.

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