slow roasted butternut squash + bell pepper soup

slow roasted butternut squash + bell pepper soup

so, this is the very first post in this blog, and it apparently is about soup.

i knew it had to be something that would carry the naked philosophy well, and that’s why i chose this butternut squash and bell pepper soup.

first, squashes and pumpkins are quite possibly my favorite winter vegetable, thanks to their bright color my plate always looks like sunshine when said thing isn’t really available; and then soup on a cold winter night? i’m in!

a few days ago i posted this picture on instagram. i know, it was another (pumpkin) soup, but the thing is: i revealed my laziness when it comes to cooking soups – that is, i barely use anything more than the main ingredient, some vegetable stock (a recent discover, i’ll admit that. before it was just salted water) and call it a day. i like my vegetables, and i want to fully savour them, no extras needed. and by that i mean no browned onions as a base, no fancy ingredients, no (vegan) creamers of sort. just plain simple blended vegetables.

i know this is by no means the best introduction for a blogger (I mean who would ever be interested in plain, boring recipes? not me for sure!), plus it may sound boring, but you do you right? i like going plain, just like with fashion. no fuss, no frills. i’m all about essential and basic – on all levels!

so what’s different with this one?

first, I slowly roasted a butternut squash with a rub of olive oil, salt and pepper to impart more flavor, popped a whole yellow bell pepper on that pan as well, and let the oven do its things until my vegetables were fork tender – about 40 minutes, but this may vary depending on your vegetables’ size and thickness. if you remember to pierce the veg a few times before roasting, they’ll cook more evenly and slightly faster.

roasted butternut squash on tray

then I placed the slightly cooled, cooked pepper in a plastic bag for a few minutes before attempting to peel it: this helps to easily remove the skin, which may be not so nice with your tummy. then i scooped out all the flesh from the squash and added all the cooled vegetables to a blender, together with a splash of lite coconut milk (the one from the carton) plus salt and pepper to taste.

roasted butternut squash flesh

i rarely buy the full fat and thick canned variety, which is what you may have around if you often cook with it. i don’t know, it does feel way too heavy for me, not to mention i could never go through a whole can all by myself. i tried freezing the leftover milk in an ice cube tray and adding one or two cubes to my morning smoothie, but it still feels heavy – and i usually prefer to have a light breakfast.

anyways, for this recipe you can choose what’s best for you, just make sure to use an unsweetened kind and add less than you think you’ll need, so that you have full control over the texture of the finished dish.

butternut squash soup

reheat the soup on the stove until it starts to bubble and ladle into your favorite serving dish. I know the ones shown in the pictures are not proper dishes, but can we take a moment to appreciate how cute those speckled ceramic cups are? I’m obsessed!

for the topping you can of course go crazy, but I decided to sprinkle some sunflower seeds, crack some black pepper and indulge in a bit of fresh buche de chevre. you can leave this one out to have a vegan dish, and substitute it with a few cubes of toasted bread, microgreens and so on – anything really!

butternut squash soup

i think this recipe is very close to the philosophy i create my content after (you can read about that here), as it is simple and humble, to the point it could be bland, yet it pairs the two main ingredients and creates a whole that celebrates them both in their bareness; plus this soup is warm and nourishing, a true hug for the body and the soul.

I hope you’ll like it, and if you recreate it don’t forget to show me! tag me on instagram (I’m @_chiarabones_) and use the hashtag #mynakedeats, so that I can see and share!

xx chiara

slow roasted butternut squash + bell pepper soup
prep time
15 mins
cook time
45 mins
total time
1 hr

a wholesome, comforting and vegetarian soup, can easily made vegan. the soup combines roasted butternut squash and roasted bell pepper with coconut milk for a creamy, luscious soup that will feel like a treat. extra toppings will make the soup super special and bright.

course: main, soup
servings: 2
ingredient list
  • one medium butternut squash
  • one yellow bell pepper
  • coconut milk, lite to blend
  • extravirgin olive oil for roasting
  • salt + black pepper to taste
garnish with:
  • a handful sunflower seeds toasted if you like
  • goat cheese optional
  • extra black pepper
  1. preheat oven to 200 C.

    halve and deseed butternut squash, then rub the inside with extravirgin olive oil. 

    season with salt and pepper to taste and place flesh side down on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

  2. wash bell pepper and place it on the tray as well.

    roast the vegetables until fork tender, about 40-45 minutes. check for doneness at 30'.

  3. allow the pepper to cool a bit, then place it in a plastic bag to cool fully. this will help to remove the skin.

    when it's cool enough to handle remove the skin and the seeds.

  4. scoop out the flesh from the squash and add that to a blender. add the bell pepper and a splash of lite coconut milk, starting with less than you think you'll need.

    blitz on high until pureed. taste and adjust seasonings; add more milk if you like a thinner soup. reheat in a pot before serving. 

  5. top the soup off with sunflower seeds, a crack of black pepper and goat cheese you like, and enjoy!


you can add your favorite vegan cheese instead of goat's, or leave it out completely. the soup will be tasty anyways!

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