breakfast choc + beet + strawberry swirled smoothie

breakfast choc + beet + strawberry swirled smoothie

Full disclosure: there will be beets in your breakfast if you read this post.

Now, this may either have you ravenous or totally turned off. But c’mon, look at the insanely bright color of this baby. Aren’t you willing to try a sip? I know you are.

Look, there’ s a lovely yogurt swirl at the bottom.

yogurt swirls at the bottom of the breakfast smoothie

And some cheeky cocoa sprinkled on top.

breakfast beet smoothie

The best part? Everything comes without a single drop of dairy or a granule of sugar. Full vegan goodness is what we have here.

Although I like my breakfast to be on the sweet side, if you’ve been following along for a bit, chances are that you already know I do like stuff that’s less sweet than the average. I was never a fan of those cakes that make you feel sick afterwards, either because of the sugar content or due to the richness of the ingredients. This often happens with dairy based desserts, which are not my thing.

That being said, I like to start off my day with something sweet, and the combination of fruits and yogurt usually does the trick. But when warm weather approaches, I pull out my blender and christen the smoothie season. This year I started off pretty early, because the boyfriend gifted me a high speed blender and I was eager to see it in action. Last february may not have been the warmest (hello, Burian!), but still.

breakfast smoothie essentials

Also, when I talk smoothies, I am not referring to huge jars of fruit-loaded stuff. Nothing against those, but I know I would be hungry within the next hour if I blend two bananas, a whole mango and some greens. I prefer to add a little bit of everything, so that I have carbs, protein, fat and fiber. Truth be told, my daily breakfast smoothie doesn’t look as pretty as this one. It usually sits between pale green-ish and sad brown, but hey, it’s still tasty, healthy and fairly balanced.

A bag of sliced bananas, one of whatever fruit that’s in season and another of some green vegetables of sort are my smoothie essentials from the freezer. Plant milk and yogurt (I like soy, for added protein, or greek yogurt – same reason) join the mix from the fridge, sometimes together with nut butter, while vegan protein powder comes from the pantry.

strawberry closeup

Since I do not have access to a wide variety of pre-frozen fruits where I live, fresh and home-frozen is the way to go for me. The only bag I can find is either mixed berries or blueberries, but my local grocery store doesn’t carry them anymore for some (unknown) reason. I usually switch from those to home-frozen fruit around april/may, when strawberries are in season and there are more options to choose from, compared to early spring.

During wintertime my go-to options for flavoring, besides frozen berries, are pears and oranges. Pear + almond butter smoothie? Bomb.

I always think about my breakfast smoothie as a three-parts concoction:

  1. the base. 1/3 sliced and frozen banana, 150ml plant milk, 50g yogurt (either greek or plant yogurt), 1 scoop vegan protein powder. and water, if needed

  2. the greenery. either a few slices of frozen cucumber, fresh baby spinach, a cube of frozen greens or a handful of frozen peas

  3. the fruit flavoring + extras. about 50 to 80g frozen fruit, either just one kind or a blend of a few varieties. plus nut or seed butter, cocoa powder, spices… anything that floats your boat really. and a medjool date, for extra sweetness if you wish

As you can see, most of the times my smoothies are green smoothies disguised, hence the sad looking color of the finished product.

beet breakfast smoothie

But this is not the case. I substituted the veggie part of the smoothie with half a raw beet, and look at that gorgeous color! Of course, if you wanna go really hardcore with the veggies, go ahead and add a handful or two of baby spinach. I would add a date to the mix as well.

In terms of vegetables, I recently started adding sliced, frozen cucumber instead of ice cubes. Cucumbers are mostly water, but they also pack a ton of nutrition and add a touch of freshness to the smoothie. They’re basically enhanced ice cubes, so why not? Just make sure to choose organic ones if you keep the skin on. For thick skin varieties I would suggest to peel it off tho. You don’t want any bitterness to your breakfast right?

Frozen peas are also a nice addition to any breakfast smoothie. They will give you extra thickness and nutrition, especially protein and fiber. Just don’t tell your fussy boyfriend he’s actually drinking his dinner.

To amp up the nutrition I threw in a scoop of chocolate protein powder, which complemented the earthy flavor of the beets very well. Feel free to add some extra cocoa or cacao powder to make your breakfast extra chocolaty. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate for breakfast?

breakfast smoothie ready to drink up

Creamy and tangy yogurt rounds up the whole thing. If you eat dairy, go ahead and add a nice helping of a greek style variety. Your breakfast smoothie will be perfectly creamy, packed with protein and uber creamy. If you’re vegan, fret not! This is a vegan breakfast smoothie after all, and I’ve used soy yogurt. Coconut yogurt would be nice in here as well, especially if it’s thick and creamy.

vegan yogurt for the breakfast smoothie

I like to spoon some yogurt at the bottom of the glass I’ll be serving my breakfast into, because you know, it’s pretty!

spooning yogurt into breakfast glasses

Then I’ll pour the vibrant, creamy smoothie on top, swirl in some extra yogurt and finish everything off with a dust of cocoa.

Now that’s a legit monday morning breakfast!

yogurt swirl in the breakfast smoothie

pouring breakfast beet smoothie

What about you? how do you like to start your day? are you team smoothie or team porridge?

Tell me! Let’s inspire each other over on instagram, or pinterestbloglovin’ and food52. let’s be friends!

ps. save some space for an upcoming cheeky dessert, it’s gonna be bomb! And by that I mean, it’s gonna be vegan, and free from gluten, lactose and sugar whatsoever!

until then,

xx chiara

breakfast choc + beet + strawberry swirled smoothie
prep time
10 mins

vegetables (beets!) in your breakfast? heck yes, if they look this good! this vegan breakfast smoothie packs a ton of energy, a delicious chocolate flavor with all natural sweetness, and will surely put a smile on your sleepy face with its bold color!

course: breakfast, drinks
Keyword: beet, beets, breakfast smoothie, smoothie, vegan, vegan smoothie, yogurt
servings: 2 20cl glasses
ingredient list
  • 1/2 medium beet, raw
  • a handful strawberries
  • 150 ml soy milk, unsweetened
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 medjool date
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder, unsweetened (optional)
  • a few spoonfuls soy yogurt, unsweetened
  1. wash and chop fruits and vegetables.

    peel, chop and wash the beet. halve the strawberries. slice the banana into thirds and remove the pit from the date. once you're done, place everything into the blender.

  2. blend it all up!

    add soy milk, a couple spoonfuls of soy yogurt, chocolate protein powder and cocoa powder to the blender and blend until smooth and creamy. 

  3. swirl and serve.

    add some yogurt to the bottom of the glasses, swirling it around on the sides. pour the smoothie on top. swirl in some more yogurt, top with cocoa powder and enjoy!


any plantbased milk and yogurt variety works for this recipe. if you're not into soy products, try using thick coconut yogurt to swirl, and any plant milk (or even water) that you like to blend.

stylist tip: if the smoothie and the yogurt you want to swirl in will have the same consistency, the swirls will look better.

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