blueberry chia pudding pots w/ salted seed brittle

blueberry chia pudding pots w/ salted seed brittle

To me, nothing screams summer breakfast more than chia pudding. It is fresh, creamy, light and nourishing. And you can load it up with all the beautiful fruit summer offers!

chia pudding pots

Also, chia pudding is super refreshing and quick, so it’s perfect for those lazy summer mornings. Or for a quick energy boost before heading out to give your Golden Retriever pup her daily walk before the heat grows unbearable. Yes, the glorious days when a cool breeze wipes out the sweat are gone. Welcome back to reality, aka hot + humid weather, when 35 °C feels like 42.

Anyways, it’s always nice to have something ready to go that you can grab directly from the fridge and eat straight up. Yes, smoothies are quick too, but there’s the blender cleanup afterwards. Hey, I did say that those are lazy mornings.

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Usually I make chia pudding by mixing plant milk with a few dollops of greek yogurt, and I add the fruit as a topping. This time though I decided to make a fruity and vegan base to soak chia in. Can you guess what is it? I bet you can – it’s pretty obvious lol

chia pudding pots layers

Blueberry juice is what makes these chia pudding pots special, fruity and oh so cute. The juice was so thick it almost felt like a smoothie! And there was no sugar added. Just pure blueberry deliciousness, with a touch of apple juice for a hint of sweetness.

For the liquid base I blended some blueberry juice with unsweetened almond milk, and thickened the mixture with plant yogurt. You can use whatever kind you like, just keep in mind that it might affect the flavor profile. I’d recommend coconut yogurt if you like a thick and indulgent chia pudding, or soy yogurt if you want to amp up the protein.

chia pudding pots are ready to eat!

Either way, save some yogurt to swirl around the sides of the pots to make a gorgeous decorative effect. This way you’ll also experience different textures, and both will contrast nicely with the best part of these pots… salted seed brittle!

closeup of a chia pudding pot

Since chia pudding is as creamy as the yogurt you’ll layer the pots with, I thought to add interest with something crunchy and slightly salted. This seed brittle is extra quick to make (it takes three to five minutes!) and only requires three ingredients, and you’ll have some leftover to snack on. Win!

salted seed brittle

You can use whatever seed you have on hand to make the brittle, plus coconut sugar and salt. I had some sesame and sunflower seeds hanging in my pantry, so I thought why not? The coconut sugar coats everything, giving the brittle a caramelised and slightly bitter edge that complements the sweetness of the pudding perfectly.

spooning chia pudding

This recipe makes two pots, which I find to be the perfect size to have for breakfast for two days. Of course you can adjust the quantities to your likings and dietary needs.

Eating accordingly to your needs is extra important, especially if you live in a hot climate and might experience some lack of appetite. I find cool and creamy foods to be easier for me to eat when the weather feels obnoxious. Please make sure to eat until you’re full and satisfied, nourish your body with healthy food and stay hydrated. And enjoy the summer, of course!

How are you dealing with the heatwave? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below, or reach out via instagram, I’d love to have a chat!

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x Chiara

tasting some chia pudding

blueberry chia pudding pots w/ salted seed brittle
prep time
10 mins
cook time
5 mins
Fridge rest
2 hrs
total time
15 mins

Creamy chia pudding meets blueberries in an unusual way, and the texture gets a pleasing twist with a salted seed brittle on top. Happy summer breakfast!

course: breakfast, dessert / treats, snack / nibbles
Keyword: blueberry, chia pudding, chia seeds, coconut yogurt, healthy, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, vegan
servings: 2 200ml glasses
ingredient list
for the blueberry chia pudding:
  • 40 g chia seeds
  • 150 ml 100% blueberry juice
  • 100 ml unsweetened almond milk
  • 100 g thick coconut yogurt, plus more for serving
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
for the salted seed brittle:
  • a handful sesame seeds
  • a handful sunflower seeds
  • 1 tbsp coconut sugar
  • a pinch of salt
For the chia pudding:
  1. In a glass jar combine chia seeds, blueberry juice, almond milk, coconut yogurt and vanilla. Mix to combine and set in the fridge to thicken, at least two hours or overnight.

for the salted seed brittle:
  1. Gently heat a skillet over medium heat. Lower to the minimum and add the seeds to toast, stirring constantly to avoid burning, about 2 to 3 minutes.

    Sprinkle coconut sugar into the skillet, allowing it to melt and coat the seeds, about 2 minutes. Be careful dealing with hot sugar! Stir occasionally, add salt to taste and spread on a piece of parchment paper to cool.

assemble the pots:
  1. Add a dollop of coconut yogurt to the bottom of each glass, smearing it around the sides for a decorative effect. Fill the glasses with chia pudding, and add more yogurt as last layer.

    Sprinkle some cooled brittle on top and serve.

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