| what I do

everything food or artisan-made is my jam, and my main goal is to produce cohesive, beautiful and eye-catching content to display either a recipe or a handcrafted product in the best way possible – both for personal and commercial purposes.

i do seek for anything rustic, beautifully imperfect and natural, and this builds up the heart of the naked philosophy.

in the blog section you’ll find vegetarian and vegan recipes that i develop trying to let the best, seasonal produce to shine and nourish both the body and the soul.

there’s also a diy section where i collect useful and practical tips i’ve learnt along the way, to hopefully help you too!

| can I help?

i am based outside milan, italy, and i’m available for collabs. feel free to email me if you so please!

chiara | the creator

ciao! i am chiara, the wandering mind that sits at the naked table creating content. i am a half trained + graduated and half self-taught food photographer and stylist, and i don’t mind shooting the occasional video or addressing a particular subject using the tools that the wide world of photography has to offer. i’m also very passionate about baking and cooking in general, especially if a certain dose of trial-and-error is involved – beauty lies in the process and the story, right?
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